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This Is A Copy Is This A Copy

by Scraps Of Tape

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Partly written & recorded at SFR studion in Malmö during 1-11 June '06 by Mathias Oldén & Scraps Of Tape. We lso pushed buttons and rode the fader at Studio Gröndahl during 22-30 July '06. Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering.
Vocals on 'Hans In Air' by Anna Tomlin, Emelie Molin, Rebecka Kristiansson & Victoria Skoglund. Those were recorded by Niklas Sandström on July 8 in Malmö. Violin on 'Since All The Birds Are Moving, Shouldn't We' by Hanna Holster. Vibraphonette on 'Hans In Air' & 'Vibrancy' by Douglas Holmqvist. Solo piano on 'Why Marcus Oh Why' by Mathias Oldén. Horns and percussion on 'Vibrancy' & 'Thirteenthousand' by Josef Sjöberg, Andreas Torkel Karlsson, Mattias Eklund, Arvid Lorimer Olsson, Sebastian Vaga & Jakob Möller. Trumpet on 'Why Marcus Oh Why' by Josef Sjöberg.
Thank you everyone!

/G, Kenta, Marcus, Micke


released February 20, 2007

on A Tenderversion Recording



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Scraps Of Tape Sweden

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Track Name: Pickpockets Vow
All said and all given
We took pickpocket's vow
To renounce all hardened
Everything is different now

All gone or left rusting
All ghosts turned into men
Eight down and still counting
Everything will be ok again
Track Name: How Your Heart Gets Thrown
Too many hands have tugged at my throat
All of these clouds & years
Mile after mile
Bearing down on me
How your heart gets thrown

How good it feels to turn my back on you
All of your clouds & fears
Line after line
Folding in on you
How your heart gets worn
Track Name: Thirteenthousand
There is thirteenthousand steps from my door to the sea
I've counted them all
5 or so 3 or more
Beating the pavement hard
You need the money bad
To wrap around your heart

There is thirteenthousand breaths left inside of me
I'm using them fast
Hold your breath
Less is more
The words you speak sound tired

You need the friends you have left (bad)
To wrap around your heart
Track Name: Nashville's Got Hell To Beat
And we're all out of tranquilizer darts
There's no more wine there's no more...

You've got to go
Go home now
Nashville's got hell to beat

You holding my hand now
Is only strenght slipping through more fingers
You leaving me now
Is only one less face to remember

Now more things to do
Is only less things
To not do